Friday, March 05, 2010

I'm not afraid to look like an idiot

I'm not afraid to look like a savage
when I walk down Sutton Road
and though I do my best to seem like a local creature
every eye knows I'm not.

I know that my English could be better
and that my eyes are so brown
that I cannot take the viking character
but there something that works here
something that make them smile indulgently
my tongue's common touch, the will of being
or maybe this old hat full of tricks
something make them smile at me.

Stare at the sorcerer pet
nothing has been so glam before
look the crows in my eyes, look this old fashioned chest
the black boots and the laugh full of teeth
I came to put the last nail on your coffin
to finish the big bread of the big bakery.


Anonymous said...

"something that makes them smile indulgently"

brilliant phrase

Maro said...

Y esta maravilla Galad?
Es de tu autoría?
Decime dónde queda Sutton Rd. que tengo ganas de darme una vuelta y ver qué pasa.

Gilgalad said...

Es de mi autoría efectivamente Maro.

Sutton Rd. es una calle del Soho londinense.

Sancho said...

Me hay cagau con el english chango!
pero en lo poco que cazo, percibo un lindo brillo

Anonymous said...

Couple of changes:
- every eye knowS I'm not.
- English

Gilgalad said...

Thanks you anonymous... as Carlos Tevez would say: "English... very difficult... for me... very difficult!"